World-Class Education + Life-Changing Experience

Students who enroll in our programs will not only have the benefit of earning an accredited degree, they have the opportunity to earn skills through hands-on experience. Once they complete an initial practicum designed to expose and orient them to the broad spectrum of local church ministry, they will specialize by participating in one of five ministry tracks.

Creative Ministry

Within the creative ministry track, students will be exposed to, equipped, and expected to engage in the broad spectrum of creative design, visual arts, and mass communication. This track includes hands on experience in event production, graphic design, video development, photography, social media, and more.

Missions & Outreach

As a part of the Missions and Outreach track, students will be focused on learning and developing strategies to engage those who are disconnected or in need regionally and around the world. This includes designing, planning, executing, and participating in local initiatives, buzz events, and global missions.


The NextGen track focuses on equipping students for ministry to children and youth from birth through High School. By integrating into the Lifesong Family Life Department, students are exposed to the challenges of simultaneously executing real-time ministry and multi-team leadership development. The NextGen track offers hands-on ministry in the nurseries and elementary environments of Kidsong as well as the middle school and high school ministries under Movement.

Pastoral Ministry

Students involved in the Pastoral Ministry track will be mentored or engaged in discipleship programs, small group leadership, volunteerism, counseling, hospital visits, and other activities across the spectrum of pastoral care. They will also become familiar with the background systems that facilitate these efforts including Fellowship 1, Core Motivations, Planning Center Online, and RightNow Media.


Within the Worship track, students will explore the fundamentals of worship and receive personalized instruction in musicianship and vocal development. They will also receive training in the technical and administrative components that guide the Lifesong Worship team including Planning Center Online, Ableton Live, and others.